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Before and After Workshop
Sherry Hall
222 Austin Street
Newton, MA  02465



Per Harvard’s policy, all in-person students are required to be fully vaccinated. Students will also be integrated into Harvard’s regular testing system upon arrival. Detailed information will be posted closer to arrival.


You can make payments through the Student Portal (Click “Make Payments”). You can then enter the amount to pay and it will take you to a screen where you can complete the payment using a PayPal account or your Credit Card/Debit Card. You can also see your payment history on the same page. You can also mail a check to:

Sherry Hall

222 Austin Street
Newton, MA  02465

It is likely that your student will need some additional money for snacks, laundry, souvenirs, and other incidentals. It is dependent upon the individual spending habits of your child. The tuition will cover instruction, housing, and meals.
Additional items available for purchase but not required for camp participation –
Linen Service: $50
Fan: $25

Payments are due by April 1st.

Application fee and deposit are non-refundable at any time.
Cancelled by March 1st — refunded 50%
Cancelled by April 1st — refunded 25%
Cancelled after April 1st – no refund.

Application fee and deposit are non-refundable at any time.

Cancelled by March 1st, refund any further payments by 50%

Cancelled by April 1st, refund any further payments by 25%.

Cancelled after April 1st – no refunds.


For the online workshop, students who will enter 7th-12th grades in the fall are eligible for the online workshop.

Only students who are currently enrolled in high school, or who will enter the ninth grade in the fall, are eligible to attend the physical workshop.


Linens are not provided. You may either bring your own linens, or arrange to rent a set of linens through the workshop on the Student Portal on the Additional Purchases link of the website. Please be aware that linens must be ordered at least one week before the start of the workshop. The linen set includes a pillow, a blanket, a set of sheets and pillowcase, a washcloth and two towels.
We assume that students will have cell phones and will not need phones in their rooms.
No. Workshop attendees do not have access to any Harvard athletic facilities.
If your child requires medical treatment we will take him/her to the Mount Auburn Hospital, which is one mile away from the workshop. We have basic first aid supplies and over-the-counter medication in the office. We will dispense first aid and OTC medications per the parental consent given on the OTC form.
Yes, the residence hall is right on the Harvard campus and 24/7 security is provided.
Yes, if the request is made from both parties. You will be given an opportunity to select a roommate through the Student Portal once you apply and have been accepted to the program.
A key deposit is not needed, but anyone who loses a key will be charged a $25 replacement fee.  We will call parents and ask for a credit card number to pay for the replacement key if the student does not have the cash.
Student Name
℅ HDC Summer Workshops
Cabot House
64 Linnaean St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Students will live in the Cabot House.

Cabot House is located at 64 Linnaean Street, Cambridge, MA 02138



Meal service begins with dinner on the arrival date.
In keeping with our Healthy Debater Initiative, the Workshop offers a wide variety of healthy food choices. Breakfast and lunch will be catered through local restaurants or University Dining Services and include vegetarian and vegan options at each meal. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always available.  In addition, all students will receive an American Express gift card to cover meals not provided by the Workshop for use at restaurants in Harvard Square or other restaurants within the Workshop boundaries.  This is a non-reloading, non-replaceable gift card.
If you have food allergies, special food needs or any type of dietary restrictions, please be sure to include this on your application through the Student Portal as well as on the forms to be mailed in. Consider kosher, halal, gluten free, etc.
Yes, the price of food is included in the tuition. Lunch and dinner will be covered each day of the workshop for every student. Residential students will also be provided with breakfast.
There are several grocery stores within walking distance of Cabot House. Star Market is located in the Porter Square Shopping Center at 49 White Street. There is a CVS Pharmacy located in Porter Square Shopping Center, as well as a CVS in Harvard Square. Both have a small food section.


Once you are accepted, you will receive a link to further information. Some of this information will include forms that must be completed and returned.

As soon as we can process your application. This can take from one to three days.

You can make payments through the Student Portal (Click “Make Payments”). You can then enter the amount to pay and it will take you to a screen where you can complete the payment using your Credit Card/Debit Card. You can also see your payment history on the same page. You can also mail a check to:
Sherry Hall
324 Franklin St
Cambridge, MA 02139

Forms are not required for online instruction.

For in-person attendees, please mail forms to: 

Sherry Hall

222 Austin Street
Newton, MA  02465


Pens, highlighters, note pads, etc. can be purchased at RiteAid on the corner of Linnaean and Massachusetts Ave., or CVS at Porter Square.


A full array of office supplies can be found at Staples, located at 57 John F. Kennedy St. in Harvard Square.

You should plan to arrive on the starting date of your session.  Registration runs from 10:00 am through 4:00 pm.  We will serve dinner that evening beginning at 5:30 pm, followed by the opening orientation where we go over the rules and expectations of the workshop.  Later, students will break into their individual program groups and meet with their instructors.

If you are unable to book arrival within this window please let us know.   Attendance at the opening orientation is mandatory.

You should plan to depart on the last day of the program.  As this is solely a checkout day, you can book departure as early as you want.  We need everyone to be checked out by 1:00 pm.

On the first Sunday, they need to come to Cabot House to register between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm. We will begin at 5:3o pm with dinner and Welcome Message from the head coach of the Harvard Debate Team. Orientation will be immediately following. Then, the students will meet with their instructors. You should plan to pick your student up at 9:00 pm.

They will receive a more detailed schedule from their instructors for the individual programs, but you should plan on arrival at 8:30 am and pick up at 9:00 pm each day. Commuters should eat breakfast before arriving each morning. Lunch and dinner are provided.

Students are allowed to spend their free time within designated boundaries around Harvard Square.  They are allowed to be outside of the boundaries on the Free Day, provided that they comply with the appropriate check-out and check-in procedures.
All instruction is provided in the Radcliffe Quadrangle.  Both areas are very safe.  Attendance will be taken at morning assemblies, each time students reassemble after a meal break, and at 10:00 pm each night.


All Residential Staff including the Director will reside in the dorms to maintain supervision.


There are several options available for getting to the workshop from Logan Airport and back again.

Public Transportation, the “T”:  Transportation via the Silver Line and Red Line from the airport to the Harvard Square stop is free.  It takes about 40 minutes.  The walk from the Red Line to the Harvard-Radcliffe Quadrangle, where the workshop will take place, is about 10 minutes.  The return trip cost is approximately $2.50. The T is safe and reliable.

Taxi Cabs:  Taxi Cab service from Logan is plentiful and reliable.  A one-way cab will run about $45.00.  Most cabs will take credit cards for payment.  Depending on the time of day, the trip will take between 20 and 40 minutes. Taxi cabs can drop students off directly at Cabot House.

Cars for Hire: Uber has a designated location where travellers can walk up and hire a car to take them to Cabot House. Follow the signs for Ground Transportation/Uber once you arrive at Baggage Claim.

Private Shuttles: Several companies will provide private shuttle transportation from the airport to the campus.  We have included a list of shuttle companies below if you wish to arrange private shuttle transport.

Contact: Transportation of New England
Phone: Toll Free (866) 526-4673


Internet is available in the residence halls and and classrooms at no additional charge

Students need to bring laptops to the workshop given the amount of research involved.