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In an historic, exhilarating environment.

Top Instructors

Our instructors have reached the highest levels of competition as coaches and as competitors. They all share a spirit of wanting to help students from around the world benefit from the activity!

All Levels

We provide programs for students with any degree of experience, from those with no exposure to debate or public speaking to those preparing to win national tournaments.

Years of Excellence

The Harvard Debate Council has been offering summer workshops for over 35 years. We pride ourselves on continuing to grow based on our experience!


Our Programs

Public Speaking

For students who have no competitive debate experience. This program helps students improve confidence and speaking skills, to potentially join a high speech and/or debate team — or just for enrichment.

Public Forum

For students currently competing or who will compete next school year  in Public Forum Debatea two-person team debate where students debate a national topic that changes throughout the school year.


For students currently competing or who will compete next school year  in Congressional Debate or Model Congress, where students write, propose, and debate legislation, employing parliamentary procedure.

Policy Debate

For students currently competing or who will compete next school year in Policy Debatea two-person, team debate event where students debate an annual national topic on implementing domestic and/or international policy.

Choosing Us

Why Learn With Us?


Established for Over 35 Years

Years of experience and excellence!

Low Student-Faculty Ratio

Students get individual attention from our amazing instructors!

Hosted at Harvard University

Experience living and learning in a college setting at the top university!

Harvard Debate Council Excellence

The Harvard Debate Council takes pride in ensuring the quality of student experience at their programs!

I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful camp experience! It really helped me make the transition into Public Forum.

Public Forum Student

I loved learning more about not only Congressional Debate but also the world, speaking/writing, interacting with my classmates, and the perfect balance of work and free time.

Congress Student

I had a great time at this workshop! I learned a lot from the lectures, and enjoyed becoming friends with people from across the country and world. I think that this workshop was useful in providing me with skills that I will need for the rest of my life.

Public Speaking & Argumentation Student

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