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Public Speaking & Argumentation

For students with little to no experience
  • This program is designed for students who have no experience in competitive debate. It is appropriate for students who are planning to join a speech and debate team in high school. It is also appropriate for students who do not plan to participate in competitive debate, but want to improve their speaking skills.
  • This is a beginner program; most participants are students entering the 9th or 10th grade, or older students who want to improve speaking skills and confidence.
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Collaborative decision-making & leadership
  • This program is designed for students who currently or plan to participate in Congressional Debate or Model Congress. Congressional Debate is an activity where students learn legislative skills: writing and proposing bills and resolutions and debating them. The curriculum explores lawmaking and leadership skills.
  • This program is appropriate for students in any with several years or no experience. Veteran classroom teachers differentiate instruction as needed, based on experience level and understanding of politics and government.
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Public Forum

For current or future debaters
  • This program is designed for students who either currently participate in Public Forum Debate at high school tournaments or plan to do so next year. Public Forum is a two-person team debate activity where students debate on a national topic that changes every month.
  • Appropriate for all experience levels. Students are tracked by experience level in small group lab settings.
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