Student Email Parent Annual Household Income Total Cash Savings Total Monthly Bills Total Aid Request Reason for Aid Request
Kalpi Devrani Mrs Mamta Devrari $12666 $900 $200 $3599 I am an international student from a very pointed Middle class family and in our community,less money means less opportunities. I was glad to find this program and the financial aid application so that I can give a shot to have this golden opportunity of attending Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshop. My parents doesn't have enough money to enroll me in this program. Best they can do is provide the travel expenses,also, travelling from India to U.S may bring some hardship to them but they are doing their best to support me and I really don't want to put burden on them by making them pay for the huge residential program. I may have chosen the online program but I have been attending my classes online since 2 years and want to have some in person experience. Therefore I request to waive off the program fees for me by providing me the financial aid of $3599. I shall be very thankful to the committee.
Nethra Chittiprol Seetharam Chittiprol 185000 65000 9500 1299 Good evening. Thank you for assisting with the Middle school Harvard Debate Council Online program application for Nethra Chittiprol (Currently 7th grade 2021-2022) at Falcon cove Middle School, Weston. I am very enthusiastic about enrolling in Nethra in the middle school debate program, but the fees listed on your website go beyond my budget. Currently, I have two children and my second kid is on special needs (He requires regular hearing aid assistance and special appointments for speech and developments). I spend a significant amount on various services for my second kid and also for Nethra regular after school curriculum. I am very committed to Nethra’s educational needs and request you to consider Nethra’s application for a financial scholarship from Harvard Debate program to attend the Middle School Debate online program. Please let me know if any additional information is required or if I should schedule a time to speak with you. You may reach me at my cell 858-699-6901 / Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Ram CHITTIPROL
Esther Lindley Yong Lindley $56,350 $5,000 $3500 $3300 We are a family with 4 children living overseas doing development work in Indonesia, You can see our work online at and Our salary is donation based through an NGO as we partner with Indonesians in social businesses (from which we do not take personal income). Last year because of the pandemic, we found that our high school daughter could enroll in online US summer camps. Though she had no experience or exposure, she requested to try debate camp. We applied and got a scholarship to the Cornell Summer Debate Camp where she ended up placing 8th overall. She is a passionate and capable student, in honors classes at her current school. She is considering a future career in law or policy making. An in-person debate camp would be life changing for her to gain valuable skills and knowledge, and also to experience American life and socializing with American students (Esther grew up in India for 7 years before our move to Indonesia for the last 4 years). I know we are asking for a large financial request, but we do not have a lot of extra funds set aside for our children's extracurricular activities. It will exhaust our savings just to come back as a family to the USA in the summer, which we do every 2-3 years. We are also open for her to try the online summer workshop if that would be a more affordable scholarship package for her. Thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Sanjay Lakhani Reshma Lakhani 64000 USD 20000 USD 5100 USD 1200 USD Sanjay has a keen interest world affairs and enjoys participating in debates. He believes the program at 'Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops' will provide him with the right platform to leverage his skills and improve upon them. Sanjay's educational expenses amount to 4000 USD per annum, which is a substantial amount for us. We have also made further commitments for the forthcoming academic year to the tune of 7000-10000 USD per annum. Sanjay has a sister in college who is dependent on us for her educational and living expenses. Sanjay's father is the sole earning member of the family. At the same time, the accommodation we are living is mortgaged and has a heavy monthly outgo. Hence, we request you to kindly consider and grant us an aid.
Isabelle Poteet Lara Dorman 150000 20000.00 5000.00 1000.00 Hello, we are requesting financial aid to help offset the cost. We currently have 4 children living with us (my brothers kids and our two kids). Isabelle and her speech partner will be sophomores next year and took 1st in public forum at state in Montana for B schools. Isabelle worked all summer playing her violin and will contribute $1000.00 towards her tuition. Without the financial aid, it will be difficult to attend this camp. Thank you for consideration.
Tam Nhu Nguyen Binh Tran 100,000 15,000 6,000 2,000 Throughout the course of this recent debate season, my partner (Izzy) and I have been determined to reach our biggest goal: winning state. We have worked on debate for endless hours each day. Our hard work paid off when we achieved our goal as freshman. However, as I am still young, I have a lot to learn about public forum debate and how it works. This financial aid will be extremely beneficial to my family as we don’t have a lot of income. My parents are taking care of 3 children including me and we have had financial issues in the past. I am also paying for part of the tuition out of my own savings as my parents will not pay for it all. My contribution will consist of 50% of the remaining amount due if I were able to revive financial aid. I would also like to mention that I have not registered yet and receiving financial aid will determine weather I am able to apply or not.
Roseliane Corona Jessica Corona $42,000 $100 $2400 $3000 At the moment, my mother is recovering from an unemployment period after her job shut down. She is currently supporting my brother through college and my basic necessities as her dependent.
Olive Martinez-Good Mirna Martinez 14,332. adjusted gross income 20,000 3,000. 3,000. Our daughter wants to be a US Senator. Our daughter participated in Harvard Model Congress this past February. She loved it! She did, however, lament that she was not better prepared. She learned that other students had attended preparatory classes. Hence, we ended up finding the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshop online. Unfortunately, the cost is far out of our range. My husband is self-employed and we need to keep some savings for the seasonal dips in his business.
Roseliane Corona Jessica Corona $42,000 $100 $2400 $3000 At the moment, my mother is recovering from an unemployment period after her job shut down. She is currently supporting my brother through college and my basic necessities as her dependent.
Karmen Rozelle Nichelle Rozelle 79,000 3,000 4,000 3,599 As a family of 6, we do not have the extra money to participate in something such as this. My daughter has a dream to become a lawyer and I am exploring every opportunity to make sure she reaches this goal. She is a hard working student with so much ambition and aspiration for her future. She has a special ability to have a controversial conversation and keep a level head, not letting her emotions take over, while making clear, factual arguments. She is at a disadvantage since we do not have money to participate in life changing events, such as this one, which is why I am asking for assistance for her to participate. Thank you for your consideration, it would be life changing. Nichelle Rozelle
Majesty Rachel 10,820.00 0 900.00 / not enough to cover all bills 100% / Unfortunately, can not afford registration fee. My family, and I, are experiencing financial hardship, due to Covid-19. Loss of income, housing, and our car, has been devastating to our family ability to maintain different streams of revenue, and family member, having medical issues, interfering, with the ability to maintain employment. Thank You!